Who We Are

Phantom CultivarPHANTOM was established over 16-years ago producing exclusively high-quality grow lighting for indoor plant cultivation. The brand has successfully created some of the most high-performance horticulture grow lights in the hydroponic industry.

For nearly 2 decades we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of grower’s harvest hundreds of thousands of pounds of dank resinous flower across all North America. Many home growers we’ve supported along the way have graduated to be professional commercial cultivators producing some of the best cannabis we know today. We are very proud to have helped so many growers coast to coast throughout the years, long before growing was cool on IG.

Science, technology, and grow-at-home laws have drastically evolved in recent years. Home growing has reached its highest peak yet. To meet the demands of the ever-expanding local home grower market, we’ve created Phantom Cultivar.

PHANTOM Cultivar is the result of our combined 45-years of indoor cultivation experience, an endless obsession for cultivating the highest-quality indoor plants, and 16-years of engineering plant lighting and production experience. Our brand mission is to meet the demands solely of the home grower aiming to cultivate the highest quality plants indoors, with superior performing products that last, at the most affordable prices for consumers.

Hydrofarm is one of North America's leading manufacturers and distributors of hydroponic equipment. For over 40 years, Hydrofarm has helped growers make growing easier and more productive. It's our mission to empower, inspire and support growers in all facets of horticulture. Our premiere lighting brands. Phantom and Phantom PHOTOBIO, offer the perfect LED fixture for all of your indoor growing needs.

Photobio Lighting - Corner Angle Photobio PAR Meter Lighting - Wide Angle
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Photobio Lighting - Full Bloom


Our LED fixtures and Durrable grow tents meet the demands of the home grower aiming to cultivate the highest quality plants indoors.

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