Phantom GT 4x8 Grow Tent


We have high standards, we specialize in bringing life through light. We have been designing and manufacturing horticulture lighting for over 45 years. Our lighting solutions offer the latest technology, are energy efficient, cost effective, and help growers reach their full production potential.

GET LIT —————— Tent Light Done RIGHT!

The Phantom Cultivar GL250 grow light is specifically designed for at home cannabis cultivation within the Cultivar GT line of grow tents. This exceptional 250W LED fixture is meticulously crafted to thrive within grow tent environments, providing your prized plants with the perfect veg and flower spectrum of light they need to flourish. Elevate your indoor grow experience with the Cultivar GL250 and witness your plants thrive under its power and precise illumination.


Enhance your grow setup with our carefully curated assortment of accessories designed to perfectly complement your Cultivar setup.

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